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A multispeed EU with a core group & Goodbye Britain

Crisis has shown the real European face

Hard to admit but the European Union has to face reality finally to shape its very own future. The financial crisis in the EU put solidarity to a test and showed that you cannot rely on a common European spirit between all member states. It would have been great to experience that just on top of the crisis national leaders would do a step forward to initiated a crucial step towards more integration to make the Union sustainable and weatherproof for the next decades. But what we have seen in the member states were sounds of renationalisation and dull Euroscepticism.

United in diversity but…

I would ever have argued in favour of a development in the European integration process where all member states are taken into considerations with all their concerns and objections. It is important that the daily life of the EU family is based on equal rights no matter how big the country is and how long it takes to reach an agreement in the end. In general I would still support this approach. We have just remind ourselves what the motto of the EU is – “United in Diversity”. But and this is a big but we have also admit that the way to a more integrated Europe is badly needed if we want to face the challenges of the globalised world somehow prepared. I guess we don’t have the time still to wait for those who are either not willing or not ready or still not convinced. It is a waste of time, time we need to reconstruct Europe for the rest of the 21st century. Weiterlesen I Read more A multispeed EU with a core group & Goodbye Britain