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A Bavarian Europe – „Des gehd auf koa Kuahaut“!

The Bavarian conservative party  – the Christian-Social Union of Bavaria – the sister party of the CDU (German conservatives) operating only in the state of Bavaria have set up a new position paper on the European Union.

Before you get lost with the Bavarian expression in quotation mark in the title, I’ll give you the translation. „Des gehd auf koa Kuahaut“ means „that’s going too far“ – one-to-one translation „this does not fit on a cow hide“.

Seehofer, Dobrindt… and now Hasselfeldt

Anyway, more interesting than some Bavarian language is the content of the paper. The first thing that attracts attention is that the proposal was presented by Gerda Hasselfeldt, the head of the CSU group at the Deutsche Bundestag, the German federal parliament. Recently it were always the CSU boss, Horst Seehofer, himself or his Executive Secretary, Alexander Dobrindt, who came up with populist claims about the future of the European Union. The CSU group meets traditionally early in January at Wildbad Kreuth to discuss the current policy agenda. That could be the reason why Mrs. Hasselfeldt was the one who announced the new European ideas of the CSU. Maybe the reason was just to show another face as people know that the tandem Seehofer-Dobrindt often bash the European Union to gain political support in Bavaria. In this case it does no matter which truth is the right one, as the content seems populist anyway. Weiterlesen I Read more A Bavarian Europe – „Des gehd auf koa Kuahaut“!