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Why & who

Why “politikcocktail.eu” (cocktail of politics)?

Politics touch me in many different ways – professional life, political involvement, volunteering and honorary office, personal interest. To name the top three policy areas: Europe, education, social democracy. If you are involved you have something to say – this is my cocktail of opinions on different political issues.

Karsten Lucke

Born in the year when Germany became World champion in football for the second time. Raised & educated in beautiful Kiel – in the very north of Germany living now in the center of the country.

Political Scientist, professional in European (youth) education (@thinkeurope), education in a new way via “Bildungsbehörde”, Vice president of the European Network for Education an Training – EUNET, Social Democrat, implementing local politics as Mayor, Co-chair of the “Europaforum” of the SPD in Rhineland-Palatinate & Boy Scout. Meet me to check it out.

Podcast: “Pottkast Euducation

Europaforum SPD-Rheinland-Pfalz

Ortsbürgermeister (Mayor) Ortsgemeinde Lautzenbrücken

Bildungsbehörde (link coming soon)

Everything is just my very own perspective and private opinion. Like it or not but I will keep on going having my say.

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