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The European Parliament tries to “save” YOUTH in Action… a bit at least

The next generation of EU programmes is due to start after 2013 with the new financial period from 2014 to 2020. Already back in 2011 the Commission started with the shaping of the new programs. I became pretty clear that the very successful YOUTH in Action programme would loose its independence to be included in an overall educational programme – now known as “Erasmus for All”.

I did blog about the back in May and June 2011 with an update in November:

Now in July, after many protests on various levels, the Committee on Culture and Education of the European Parliament published a Draft Report on the Commissions proposal for “Erasmus for All”.

And look… the Committee and the Rapporteur Doris Pack (also Chair of the Committee) demand an independent “youth” chapter in the new programme. You can find all information and proposals concerning the “new” to be implemented youth section in the PDF from page 60 onwards. Amendment 146 says “Chapter IIa Youth” with the justification:

“For the sake of transparency, visibility and continuity, it is crucial to insert a separate Chapter on Youth in the text.”

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