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Commissioner Füle warns Macedonia – okay, if we don’t have other problems…

This is unbelievable. Everyone is watching the news ticker today and is excited about the decisions the EU finance ministers might take and the future of the EU regarding the current dept crisis in Greece. At that time Commissioner Füle, responsible for Enlargement, warns Macedonia about its behaviour and the possible upset off Greece with the result to declare that it is possible that Macedonia will loose its candidate status. EurActive has disseminated the news today.

Maybe you remember that Greece entered the Eurozone just by cooking the books and today we are discussing the end of the €uro because exactly this Greece is close to bankruptcy.

Why is Commissioner Füle so upset? Is their a crucial reason for making clear that Macedonia can be downgraded in respect of negotiations for EU enlargement? No, it’s a monument which might annoy Greece (remember that country that produced so much trouble in the whole EU) and again the so called “Name dispute”.

Mr Füle said: “Seriously, if you have a neighbour, and I’m not talking about two states now, and there is an issue between two of you, whatever the nature of that issue is, and you are trying sincerely to solve it, I guess you would avoid doing anything that your neighbour might call a provocation. This is simple logic. I would expect the government in Skopje to avoid doing things which would be called by the other side provocations”.

True – sounds logic. But it would have been also nice if the Greek would have said the truth about the condition of their economy in the first place. If they would still have the Drachma they could devalue right now and we wouldn’t have such a big problem in the EU.

Well, you could complain about Greece still having this attitude when everybody in Europe is trying to safe their country. But that a European Commissioner has nothing better to do to take a position for Greece in this “conflict” is almost impudent.

Even if we would no have the trouble about the financial situation it would be better to solve the dispute between Greece and Macedonia as quiet as possible. No normal citizen does understand why Greece is still vetoing the recognition of Macedonia due to the name of the country and possibly expected territorial claims.

Greece should wake up and Commissioner Füle should balance his words.

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  1. Petros Houhoulis Petros Houhoulis

    It is unbelievable. Greece was allowed to enter the EEC (modern E.U) at the 1980’s as a way of distracting her from a collision with Turkey (which had occupied the 37% of Cyprus in a bloody invasion) resulting to a collapse of the South-East wing of NATO (South-East wing of NATO = Greece & Turkey)

    For more than 20 years Greece was the only country in the E.U. that had no land border with other E.U. countries, and faced a double threat from the north and the east. The Turks who saw the Greeks backing down after their entry in the EEC, released all of their anger towards the Kurds, burning only a few thousand Kurdish villages:


    According to human rights organisations since the beginning of the uprising 4,000 villages have been destroyed,[18] in which between 380,000 and 1,000,000 Kurdish villagers have been forcibly evacuated from their homes.[159]

    Greece had to defend itself by arming itself to the teeth, since Turkey did not stop its’ aggression and threatened to start a war with Greece three times over the last 40 years. It still threatens Greece with war if it applies the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea:


    Territorial waters
    Out to 12 nautical miles from the baseline, the coastal state is free to set laws, regulate use, and use any resource. Vessels were given the right of innocent passage through any territorial waters, with strategic straits allowing the passage of military craft as transit passage, in that naval vessels are allowed to maintain postures that would be illegal in territorial waters. “Innocent passage” is defined by the convention as passing through waters in an expeditious and continuous manner, which is not “prejudicial to the peace, good order or the security” of the coastal state. Fishing, polluting, weapons practice, and spying are not “innocent”, and submarines and other underwater vehicles are required to navigate on the surface and to show their flag. Nations can also temporarily suspend innocent passage in specific areas of their territorial seas, if doing so is essential for the protection of its security.
    Archipelagic waters
    The convention set the definition of Archipelagic States in Part IV, which also defines how the state can draw its territorial borders. A baseline is drawn between the outermost points of the outermost islands, subject to these points being sufficiently close to one another. All waters inside this baseline are designated Archipelagic Waters. The state has full sovereignty over these waters (like internal waters), but foreign vessels have right of innocent passage through archipelagic waters (like territorial waters).


    In 1995, The Turkish Parliament issued a casus belli against Greece in reaction to an enacted extension of Greek territorial waters from 6 nautical miles (11 km) to 12 nautical miles (22 km) from the coast.[10]

    So, Greece was a state within the E.U. that was forced to defend itself without the support from the E.U. but is bought quite a lot of military equipment from European states on it’s own expense. All of the male Greek citizens have had to serve 1 1/2 or more years in the Greek army in order to counter the threat. Ironically, one would expect that Greece would be spared the threat of a Communist invasion once the iron curtain fell, but instead, we got more irredentism from the north:

    The current prime minister of FYROM, Nikola Gruevski, in front of an irredentist map that shows his country expanded in the expense of Greece and Bulgaria:


    So, Fuele warns Gruevski to cut the crap and stop provoking his neighbors. If he doesn’t listen the E.U. won’t invade his country, but rather forget his country. He can keep the statues and stay outside of NATO and the E.U. of course…

  2. The guy that wrote the article knows nothing about Greece and how evil are their neighbours. Of course, he knows nothing about how corrupt France and Germany are either and that it was in their best interest to get Greece in.

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