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Euroblogging – the next step forward: Cyprus EU Presidency

The re:publica 2012 did put forward the central issue of Euroblogging in the sub-conference re:unite. In the prelude there was some discussion about Euroblogging and its very own difficulties and challenges. One crucial impact came surely from Ronny Patz with his blog post “On the road to #rp12: Multilingual EU blogging, translations and the fascination of Presseurop“. I also picked up the topic in one post.

On the re:publica I heard Ronny talking about an event during the Hungarian EU Presidency back in 2011. He reported about being invited to bring the Euroblogosphere into close contact with the EU Presidency. You can read more about this in this blog post by Mathew Lowry.

All this lies behind us and is just a very brief summary about some interconnections. More important are the events and opportunities lying ahead of us. As bloggingportal.eu announced just a week ago the next EU Presidency headed by Cyprus did contact the team of bloggingportal.eu to get also in contact with the Euroblogosphere and try to stimulate communication with the blogosphere in Cyprus. Read the call for involvement. The meeting in Brussels on July 12th is another chance to develop the community of European bloggers. Read especially the remarks in the comments of the post. Again Ronny Patz shared his last year experiences with an outlook for this years meeting.

Just before the meeting in July will take place there will be a local get together in Nicosia / Cyprus on June 13th to involve blogger into the discussion. During the Cyprus Presidency the blog “Open Cyprus Europe 2012” will be hopefully a crucial and frequently site for a broad and intensive European dialogue.

Something is happening in the Euroblogosphere even if it is still uncoordinated and maybe unsatisfactory. I believe that the direct contact with the Presidency is a very good development and a good opportunity to go in the right direction. It will need many efforts to do a sustainable (I hate the word but it fits in this case) step forward.

I really would appreciate to continue the debate mentioned at the beginning: How can we create a vivid and interconnected European blogosphere and what can we concretely do whitout only speaking and writing about it?

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