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#YFJ – Non-Formal Education and Employability: Proof needed again.

During the discussions about the next generation of EU programmes and especially a new independent EU youth programme the question was raised whether non-formal youth education produces a added value for the employability of young people.

Just a couple of days ago I wrote already about the European approach to politics – they are very often done purely through economic glasses. If non-formal education does not minimizes youth unemployment in a second high ranking officials in Brussels do question the overall approach.

To put it short: non-formal education empowers young citizens to a very high extent for the job market. There is a huge interconnection between non-formal education and the skills of young people which they need for a later profession.

Language skills, intercultural competencies, ICT, self-confidence, communication skills, empathy, team building, evaluation strategies just to name a very few things.

The European Youth Forum has started a survey to find out whether it is really true that non-formal education has an impact on employability.

I recommend that everybody who can contribute – organizations and associations as well as individual participants, youth leaders and trainers do take part in this survey to produce evidence for those who questions the connection between non-formal education and employability.

Click here to go directly to the Survey. 

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