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German LibDem suggests Greece to leave €-Zone – will that save the liberal party???

Just to make the first and obvious point clear: We didn’t build Europe just for the fun of it.

The German liberal politician Frank Schäffler (member of the federal parliament and also member in the finanical committee of the Bundestag) suggests that Greece shall leave the Eurozone.

The EU was established to secure and develop peace, freedom and prosperity. And: the Europeans did a pretty good job taking into account where we stand today compared to the 1950s. We experienced hard times and blooming periods. No matter what happend it was European consensus so far that European solidarity is one of the pillars of the Union.

Now, in times when member states of the EU are in deep trouble Mr Schäffler does not think about smart approach to help them and show that solidarity when it is needed most. No, what he suggests is that Grecce shall leave the Eurozone and Germany shall support that step.

Well, if you argue as a academic for economics – I would have understood that statement. But as a politician of one of the parties which support the current federal governemnt – I have absolutley no sympathy. This is without any political sense and European spirit.

There could be one solution to this mystery: Try to mime the tough guy, maybe manage it to page one on the Germans most popular tabloid “Bild” and so regain strength for the liberal democrats. They changed the top political elite within the party with no effect so that could be the last way out. The FDP should remember the doings of the honorary chairman Genscher, a former longtime Foreign Mininter of Germany. I might guess what he would say about this very intelligent suggestion.

Thanks to Wolfgang Stützer for the Link on “Welt” – by the way the article (from today) already disappeared – why?

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