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European Parliament on the future of the EU after 2013 – Youth in Action included!!

Just a few days ago the European Parliaments “Special committee on the policy challenges and budgetary resources for a sustainable European Union after 2013” published its “Report on Investing in the future: a new Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) for a competitive, sustainable and inclusive Europe“.

The EC will come up with its own proposal for the EU budget by the end of June for the period after 2013. That is why the EP has published its very own policy approach right before that date to make clear and visible what MEPs in Europe expect the EU to be. It is no wonder that the EP came up with a very European approach. The “chamber of the citizens” is (maybe next to the EC) the  most European institution the EU has. MEPs are elected on national level still but they are mostly committed to the developemnt of the Union itself. The EP lately came up with the idea to rearrange the election procedure and vote at least for some MEPs on European level (via a transnational list) by 2014 – more here.

However if you look at the report for the MFF and you’re pro-European you could be pretty satisfied. As I have commented in recents posts about the development of an independent YOUTH in ACTION programme I’m pretty glad to have read No. 103 of the report which states clearly that “youth-related programmes like Lifelong Learning and Youth in Action, which bear low cost per beneficiary and therefore have high efficiency, should be maintained as separate programmes in the next MFF and that they deserve a much stronger investment“. MORE THAN TRUE!!!

You can also find the will to support European citizenship which is one of the most important issues of all. Of course does the EP also appreciate Europe 2020. Economical issues are high on top of the agenda. This is important too as the EU should do everything to improve the standards of life of the citizens. And without a job the essential basis is not available.

But in the longer run we need to make sure that we have a broad acceptance of the EU by its own citizens. And I doubt that this will be achieved via economical issues. Remember one of the founding fathers of the EU who said “could he decide to do it again he would have started with education instead of coal and steal”.

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