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Lobbying for an independent EU youth programme after 2013

You can’t change politics… that’s what you hear often from young people but also adults have this impression and to some extent they are right. Yes, we are a representative democracy and we vote for our representatives no matter what parliament we talk about. Generally spoken our democracies are not that bad, having in mind what the alternative(s) would be. But of course things can be improved and this is also true for democracies in the 21st century.

This is not going to be an huge project and I’m not rtrying to set up another “european-summer” but I would like to start an experiement.

I have set up a Facebook group to lobby for an independent EU youth programme YOUTH in ACTION after the current programme will expire by the end of 2013. You can read some background information in one of my recent posts here: “Doubtful future fro an independent EU youth programme – we need YOUTH IN ACTION

This group has just one aim:

We want to gather as many people as possible to show the European Commission how precious YOUTH in ACTION is.

So join in and tell your friend to sign up & add your own friends to this group & spread the information wherever possible.

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