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Eurovison – not so European / European culture???

It was an mega event again. Millions (125) of Europeans watched on Saturday this years Eurovison Song Contest. 25 contestanst from different European countries were present at the final in Dusseldorf. That made the event at least a little bit European. Do people from Azerbaijani feel European?

Having seen the performances you must say that this jamboree of music was not connected to European culture but just to 25 singers who tried to give their best. The only compensation for lost time were all the comments running through the hashtag #esc on Twitter. I’m sorry to say this but I missed many singers because I almost fell from the couch because of intensive laugther. Tears were running – thank you for that entertainment even it was over 90% mean.

The big question is whether this competition represents European culture. The answer is short: No! Of course does music belong to the category “Culture”. But we haven’t seen (for years) musical contributions which were directly connetced to the culture of the corresponding country. Exactly that would be the great chance for this competition to be truly European. Have you ever experienced traditional Swedish folk music instead of Abba or music from the Balkans instead of weired looking guys screeming as loud as possible on stage? Maybe the event would not raise that much attention throughout Europe but it would be a very nice contribution to the building of a united Europe. People should learn about the cultures of the other European countries and music is a very nice way to do it. It is really a missed chance precisely because we have just this European-wide song contest. Okay, I would miss the unintentional fun produced by the current event but we would gain far more and would find another event to laugh about… I’m sure of that!

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