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“Europe is in a deep crisis” – really???

The analysis seems so obvious. Greece is short to a financial meltdown and also other members of the European Union and especially in the Eurozone have strong problems with managing their purse. The conclusion is: Europe is in a deep crisis or even the European Union will soon disappear if nothing crucil happens. No matter what newspaper you open, what TV channel you watch or what you read in the internet, there is almost a unique consensus about the current situation in Europe.

Well, I doubt that “pessimistic” approach a little. No question the member states of the EU and the EU itseslf have to deal with a lot of problems and they fight hard for coming up with good solutions. And I do not doubt that it is very tricky in these time to find the right way out of the mess. But has this something to do with the survival of the European Union? I don’t think so.

What is actually happening? We have big financial problems in some countries of the EU and the people of Europe are staying together so far to help these countries. Governments are solving problems –  that’s what they are supposed to do. They are the executive branche of the political system and they act on the basis of a political majority (meaning the majority in the respective parliaments formed in the last elections). If people are not satisfied with it they can organise non-parliamentary protest or vote different the next time.

The European Union is not a fair weather event. What is the alternative? A crisis has approached and the European people have to deal with that situation. And they don’t act just in the name of their nation state but they try to coordinate their actions via the EU. Why the hell should that be the end of this Union? The EU is the best tool the governments of all the European countries have at the moment and it’s a good tool. Try to imagine what would have happened if Greece would have failed without having a European Union. For sure Greece would have been bankrupt months or even years ago because no country would have put so much effort in the rescue of Greece like the European partners are doing at the moment. And again: We are not dealing with a crisis of the European money we are trying to solve a national debt crisis.

So is it just medial cirus in the end? I’m not saying that the situation is more white than black but what I’m saying is is that the situation is not as bad as magazines and newspaper are multiplying. Of course it is a nice header when you can carry the EU to the grave but that is far from reality. The media (even there is not “the” media) are somehow responsible because they push (and this especially happens when European issues are discussed) the discussion in this direction because it raises attention.

Be glad that the governments and lots of other high profile experts are dealing with the problem within the European framework every minute for the past months. Still, it is interesting that we always read and hear about Europe in the crisis, sorry, deep crisis, and we do never hear or read “so far, they did a very good job because Greece still keep its head above water and the problem did not expand”. We all do not know how this crisis will end and of course will have better answers when everything is over (as always – and I guess it wil be “the media” who will be the first who say “would you have done it that way…”).  Normally the little picture about the glass being half full or half empty is a German thing (in Germany with a clear tendency to half empty) but this time it seems that the whole of Europe sees the glass half empty – and I do not understand why!

It was always the biggest European problem that even when Europe is the reason for something good it did not get the appreciation. I think this is also true for the current situation. We all can be glad that we have the European structure to solve the problem but for a better reputation of the EU someone has from time to time say it loud!

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