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No.28 – Croatia in the European Union. What happens?

After Bulgaria and Rumania in 2007 Croatia is the next country having joined the European Union on July 01st 2013 becoming the 28th member state of the EU.

Many reports in the media covered the topic but what does it mean concretely? People often do not have an answer what really changes for the country or the EU itself. The European Commission released two memos that gave a little insight view about the consequences of the latest accession.

If you are interested in the European institution you should have a look MEMO/13/593. It gives you a brief overlook about the voting changes in the Council, the seats in the European Parliament etc.

If you are more interested in concrete consequences in different policy areas and the effect on daily life you should read MEMO/13/629. This one gathers some examples connected to the Common Market, the Schengen area and the Euro.

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