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Goodbye Europe – RIP

Europe – put it better, the European Union – was and still is one of the most successful stories in history on the European continent. It brought peace after centuries of slaugther and battle between the European nations. No one would seriously question this fact. You can argue whether the European Union is still solely an economic or already a political project. The spill over effect was supposed to happen from the first to the latter. Anyway, the core of the European Union is the internal market with its four freedoms.

If you do not support the EU becoming a political union you would just focus on those four freedoms and the economic benefits. If you are in favor of a political union you would use the economic integration to go further with deeper political integration. No matter what the common market is somehow the holy cow of the European integration process.

But now this even this holy cow is questioned. After years of financial crisis in the Eurozone and declining support of the EU by its very own citizens (due to lame European policy by the leaders gathered in the European Council) the governments start to deconstruct the common market and the four freedoms. To my wonder with the support of the European Parliament. The catch word is Schengen. Ministers just agreed on reestablishing border controls between the member states. No matter how difficult it is to start controlling your own border again, the political signal is devastating. Have you ever asked what European citizens connect positively to the EU? It was the currency and the free movement. The Euro is already in reverse and no they put the axe to the free movement.

The current governments destroy the core of the European idea. They are not able to find a sustainable way out of the financial crisis and the deconstruct the Schengen Agreement. In some years they will see how disastrous their politics have been for the European Union.

Either we get very soon real European leaders back in the national governments or the citizens will take over to safe their European Union, otherwise… Goodbye Europe – RIP

Post picture by David Kurth CC BY-ND 3.0

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  1. Iwantout Iwantout

    “If you do not support the EU becoming a political union you would just focus on those four freedoms and the economic benefits.” Well from a purely UK perspective the economic benefits are not that obvious. Yes a singlemarket, but mainly in goods rather than services where most of the economic activity lies, and with associated EU regulation costing 12% of GDP (EU Figures). An inability to negotiate trade deals with other states due to EU treaties. EU blocks on new technology and opportunities e.g. GM crops, etc. Oh and the huge membership cost paid every year. The economic benefits of the EU may exist but are grossly overated and by independent analysis marginal at best.

    The UK is not in the Schengen Area, does that make us less part of the EU ?

    Is it not possible that people are starting to get the EU they want ? Certainly from accounts I have read in recent months free movement of people into Germany is not being met with universal cries of joy. (http://www.spiegel.de/international/germany/german-cities-worried-about-high-immigration-from-romania-and-bulgaria-a-881409.html )

    What evidence do you have that the majority of people want the type of US of E that the EU is turning into ?

  2. tommuir tommuir

    The EU is a complete failure not a success. It has destroyed cultures, economies and serves no useful purpose. The existing project needs total reform or to be disbanded. The euro cannot survive without total integration as has been demonstrated. The concept of a collection of sovereign countries working together to the common good is still feasible, but it does not work with the undemocratic dysfunctional structure of the EU. I have no doubt there will be a world government, world currency in the distant future, but we need to develop nations to a level economic platform before that happens.

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