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It’s just football but it’s Europe

The announcement is maybe only important to those who are interested in football but the decision by the executive committee of the UEFA to play the 2020 European Championships in not only one or two countries but throughout a bigger amount of European states is truly a European approach. The decision itself may have other reasons like having a special event for the 60th Jubilee or to reduce cost for just one or two host countries. But the idea itself has a supportable European spirit.

It’s not always big politics shaping the mind of the citizens of the European Union. The currency so far failed to bring the EU closer together or to produce more acceptances towards the EU. Enlargement is successful but only on the political level not in the view of the European people. That is why the EU should come up with different approaches to promote the Union. The Erasmus programme for student exchange is successful. The Youth in Action programme is successful. And both produce real European added value. Certainly a big football event is not comparable to education programmes. But Europe needs ideas with which normal people identify themselves. And be it a football game.

Sport is a policy area totally untouched by European harmonisation, as is education. The EU should come up with ideas in those soft policy areas to produce progress in European acceptance and identification unless it is satisfied with being “just a free trade area”. The idea to promote Europe with visible daily life issues is an approach to focus on. The EURO 2020 could be a nice chance. So grab the phone and call the UEFA to find out what partnership is possible and realisable. If not the tournament itself the overall setting could be very well included in the EU framework also with countries that are not members of the

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  1. I seem to be one of the few people in the UK who is loving this idea. It will make games easier to get to for those who can’t afford to travel across Europe.

    Awesome stuff!

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    Any way keep up wrinting.

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