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Ridiculous debate about the Nobel Peace Prize for the EU – who shall go?

One of Europe’s biggest successes in recent centuries is to have saved peace via the construction of the European Union. Politics, differences of opinion, territorial issues are all settled at the conference table and not on the battle field. Sure, this is not a big deal for the  younger generation as peace is something pretty normal. But you never know in politics. We have to keep this in mind every single day. Over 70 years of peace (no, I do not forget the disastrous experiences on the Balkans in the 90s) primarily between the big player on the continent Germany and France including also all the other nations is such a crucial achievement that we have to call in mind what happend regularly before – not to speak of two World Wars in just one century.

To honour this success with the Nobel Peace Prize fits in any perspective.

I guess we all agree that this prize is a reward for the past as well as a mandate for the future. If so, it is pretty clear who should travel to Oslo to receive the prize for the European Union – representatives of the member states, the democratic part of the Union and the supranational element.

The EU is not a single person and it is not an organisation with one concrete president who can receive the prize. That makes it a bit more complicated as in recent years.

Include the member states…
If you want to honour the achievements of the past, the protection of peace, you have to honour the member states as they have been the motor and the crucial players in setting up the European integration process. Todays representative of these member states is Herman van Rompuy – President of the European Council. Send him.

… don’t forget the citizens
If you want to honour the future of the European idea, the Europe of Citizens, you have to honour the European Parliament as it is the only democratic body (directly elected by the citizens of the EU) of the Union. Todays representative of the EP is Martin Schulz – President of the European Parliament. Send him.

And reward the special supranational idea
If you want to honour the special supranational construction, the fundamental idea of European integration, you have to honour the European Commission as the EC stands for the idea of sharing sovereignty between nation states thus to organise politics in the 21st century more effective and sustainable. Todays representative of the EC is Manuel Barroso – President of the European Commission. Send him.

Stop fighting about the representation of the EU at the ceremony but include these three essential parts of the European integration – all responsible for the success – and you have a truly European representation for the ceremony.

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  2. Marc Marc

    Not the Eurosoviet’s achievement.

    Thank NATO.

    It was Eurosoviet Union diplomats who told Milosevic to ‘hold Yugoslavia together’.

  3. Wow, this article is nice, my sister is analyzing such things,
    therefore I am going to convey her.

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